Sijo Kuruvilla George is the Founding CEO of Startup Village. Sijo started his career with Infosys, very soon moved on to building his own startup, MobME. After a brief stint in the industry with consulting, Sijo was subsequently appointed as the CEO of Startup Village in 2011. As CEO, Sijo provided vision to India's first PPP business incubator and led the organisation through its initial phases of immense growth. Under his leadership, Startup Village was awarded the best business incubator in the country by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in a span of less than 3 years, the earlier for any incubator in the country.

Sijo played an instrumental role in conceptualisation and implementation of the Student Entrepreneurship Policy in Kerala, first of its kind for any state in the country. Under his leadership, Startup Village also played a key role in bringing about a cultural shift in the mindset of the youth and also bringing about a Startup Policy in the state of Kerala. For his contributions to society, Sijo was recognised with the Rajeev Circle Fellowship by Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation and International Visitor Leadership Program by the US Department of State. Sijo also led the first ever delegation of student founders to Silicon Valley as part of SVSquare, an initiative in partnership by Government of Kerala.

Sijo has also been a consultant to various organisations like Kerala Startup Mission, the nodal agency for implementing startup policy in the state, Anita Borg India, a non profit with a mission to get more women into technology, Lets Venture, an angel investing platform etc. He also serves as advisor to several startups.

Sijo's professional interests lies at the intersection of technology and education. His personal passing is developing talent and his long term goal is to democratise opportunities and getting the youth into policy. To further these causes Sijo has set up Rethink Foundation, a non profit with the object of imparting 21st century learning and leadership among the youth of the state and also undertakes several voluntary projects in his personal capacity as well.

Sijo frequently writes as a columnist for various regional news dailies and is also a speaker and various forums. His personal interests include books and board games. Sijo publishes his thoughts on Twitter and his blog,